Highly technical equipment requires proven quality. Only a company that provides fully-guaranteed products can become a medical equipment manufacturer supplier. EPIDOR Technical Distribution maintains full traceability of each item, from its manufacture to the moment of its installation. We are well aware of our responsibility and keep a permanent high standard in order to continue to provide advanced solutions for our customers.




We offer a solutions portfolio to the aid management of customers’ production and maintenance consumables, C-class items and any product which has cost management as the biggest part of its total cost. EPIDOR Technical Distribution has experience in outsourcing the management of such items, with an immediate benefit in the reduction of process, an increase of consumption control and an improvement of their availability. This is made possible by our operational management capacity and high traceability of both products and service.


Our cost saving proposals in production processes enables direct savings in energy costs (cost savings) as well as studies to improve the design of components and facilities that lead to savings due to the containment of future expenses (cost avoidance). This is the reason why we provide advice to our customers on performance analysis of their facilities and equipment, optimisation and scaling of their key components, and improvement and cost savings in maintenance. This is achieved through tried and tested methodologies and the contribution of the necessary information and reports to evaluate the results of our suggestions, which help us in their improvement.


EPIDOR Technical Distribution has always considered cooperation with skilled engineers a crucial factor in its specialised field. 40% of our activity providing support to industry is based on advising first-stage equipment manufacturers to help them improve the design of their products. We have a team of engineers and experts as well as more than 50 years of experience both in cooperating in different projects and designing parts for all production environments and systems. From parts design to the analysis of faulty parts in pre-installed equipment, our experience allows us to offer customers a reliable and expert advice on their products.


Our vocation goes beyond that of a mere industrial products and services supplier. We are familiar with the product and its applications, and have a team of specialists, in order to offer standard or tailored technical and practical training courses as part of our services, both on our training days or in-company. Please, do not hesitate to ask us.


Some tools and equipment make maintenance tasks, as well as the quality and safety of work, easier, but due to their high costs and sporadic use, many companies decide not to invest in their purchase. In such cases, our rental service allows customers to have the best tools and equipment, while only paying for the time they are needed.

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