A rapid response in critical situations.
We know that in an emergency, it is necessary to have efficient, experienced suppliers with a wide range of products in stock who are close to attend your needs. This has been Epidor Technical Distribution’s contribution to the market for the last 50 years.
Furthermore, industrial maintenance must be supported by suppliers who can contribute their experience and know-how in more scheduled management services that help to prevent emergencies and non-scheduled stoppages.
Our compromise for more than 50 years is to be next to you, and we can do it thanks to our extensive sales network.




We present a portfolio of solutions to facilitate the management of your production and maintenance commodities, C class items and, any product whose cost management is the biggest part of its cost.. EPIDOR Technical Distribution has experience in outsourcing the management of those items, with an immediate benefit in reducing process , increasing consumption control and improving the availability of the items, thanks to our operational management capacity and high traceability of products and the service itself.  


Our cost saving proposals in production processes gives you direct savings in energy costs(cost savings) while studies for improving components and facilities design lead to savings, thanks to containment of future expenses (cost avoidance). For this reason, we provide advice to our customers on performance analysis of their facilities and equipment, optimisation and scaling of their key components, and improvement and cost savings in maintenance. This is achieved through tried and tested methodologies and providing the necessary information and reports to evaluate the results of our suggestions for improvement.  


We are able to repair and/or refurbish a component when justified by its replacement cost, through our own resources or in collaboration with partners certified by our quality system. From mechanical and cartridge seals, to ball bearings and torque wrenches; our customer’s support allow you to optimise your maintenance costs, without having to make unnecessary product replacements.  


Improving efficiency in production processes is based on the correct maintenance of equipment and installations, with the objective of preventing unforeseen stoppages due to foreseeable causes. For this reason, preventive and predictive analysis techniques are essential, in addition to knowing the most common critical points of any production process, which must be managed in a proactive way. EPIDOR Technical Distribution has analysis equipment which we offer along with our expert management and diagnostic service, or we can offer this equipment for occasional use on a rental basis. Our specialised knowledge related to different maintenance product areas also allows us to provide advice on critical points to be managed and controlled. In all events, the ultimate objective is always to maximise the efficiency of the production process. 

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