The words that define us are: reliability, flexibility, quality and cost control.
To make production decisions is easier with suppliers who provide added value solutions and generate satisfaction and trust. Suppliers who help you optimise the production process, prevent stock shortages in mounting components and offer advice regarding the correct choice of components... We have a CRM based on our own advanced design and we adapt to your management model.




SRS means for Stock Profitability and Service, our ultimate goal in Kanban solutions for the control of class C products. The cost battle in these products is won by reducing their management cost. Our experience of more than 10 years of implementing solutions has enabled us to develop the “Two Bin Kanban” system, with a double bin to permanently guarantee the availability of components in the plant. We take care of the whole process: supply, replacement, delivery and placement, always aligned with your needs.  


We deliver the best solution for your special needs, beyond standard products. Please ask us.  


Everything starts with a visit to your engineering department. We have a deep knowledge of our products and wide experience in their applications in all types of demanding industrial environments. We have specialists in part design and production, and the capacity and design tools to provide solutions tailored to your needs.  

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